ताजा /TAJ-AH/ :FRESH

: Fresh

: Pure

: Refreshing

Taja means fresh in Hindi. “Fresh” is the foundation and key philosophy of Taja Indian. The belief at Taja is that all food we eat should be pure, healthy, and made fresh from quality ingredients.

Taja is an Indian fine casual restaurant that serves premium quality fresh to order food with a sit-down experience. Colorful authentic dishes are plated and garnished with the technique of a sit-down restaurant, but without the prices and wait time. Guests are always welcomed with a warm smile and leave with a happy tummy.

Key facts about Taja food:

Pure protein & premium quality ingredients
Hormone & antibiotic-free locally sourced chicken, hormone & antibiotic-free grass-fed lamb, certified organic and non-GMO tofu, non-GMO rice and simple wholesome ingredients

Taja food is made from scratch and fresh to order for under $10 and in less than 10 minutes!